ERG Consulting

Consulting Services

We can help you with strategy, purpose and operational planning to help your ERG Launch, Grow and Thrive with a full day onsite or virtually facilitated session plus a virtual 1-hour Plan Review and Feedback session

Do you need help with things like :

  • Operationalizing your ERG to launch and grow
  • Creating an ally/advocate strategy or taking your current program to the next level
  • Developing and implementing an ERG strategy and multi-year plan 

Whether you are creating a new ERG or developing a new initiative, you need to make sure your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed before presenting to stakeholders.

We provide expert evaluation and feedback to ensure your ERG plan is stakeholder-ready.

We'll Help You Plan and Execute.

There is no sense re-inventing the wheel. Let us help you hit the ground running and create quick and lasting impacts as an ERG. 

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