ERG Bootcamps


Being an ERG leader can be challenging – even harder when you don’t resources or tools to work efficiently and effectively.

Inclusive Space offers three Bootcamps based on our ERG Progression Model of Launch, Grow, and Thrive. Our Bootcamps empower leaders at all levels with the knowledge and tools to create and impact through their ERGs, across their organizations and into the world.

For brand new ERG leaders starting or restarting an ERG program.

  • Structuring your ERG
  • Inclusive Space Progression Model and Pillars
  • Building your business case
  • Creating vision & mission statements
  • Developing leadership roles and responsibilities


  • Developing an ERG Leadership Model
  • Creating a launch plan
  • Developing meeting routines
  • Welcoming and onboarding executive sponsors 
  • Setting up for success – administration and business support

For ERGs already underway that need more traction in communications, programming, funding, and measurement.

  • Recruiting your leaders and teams

  • Working on a budget and funding

  • Putting communication routines in place​

  • Planning programming

  • Starting to use metrics

  • Developing reports

For more established ERGs striving to create a broader and deeper impact.

  • Developing and implementing a multi-year plan
  • Making talent planning routine
  • Developing your process for launching ERG chapters
  • Recruiting and engaging allies
  • Leading and inspiring as an ERG leader
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Creating Inclusive Space

Our Bootcamps focus on creating more Inclusive Spaces using the power and passion of ERGs.

Video Conferencing

Our Bootcamps are available either in person or via video conferencing through a variety of different platforms.


We will give you the knowledge and resources necessary to help your ERGs Launch, Grow and Thrive.

Grow and Thrive Through Education.

The more you know, the more you are empowered to be better and do better. Let us help empower your leadership and membership to take your ERG to the next level. 

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