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Inclusive Space can help ERG leaders achieve balance between their day jobs and their ERG roles. Our workshops equip leaders with the skills and resources to not only balance their day jobs with their ERG roles, but to thrive. Thriving ERG leaders are more productive employees, stronger brand ambassadors, and less likely to leave. 

Below are some of our most popular workshops: 

What’s the best way to structure an ERG? How do you align ERG Work with Diversity & Inclusion/ERG pillars/focus areas? This workshop answers those questions and more. 

Equip ERG leaders to successfully launch their ERGs: 

  • building the business case, 
  • structing ERGs, including roles & responsibilities, 
  • writing impactful mission and vision statements, 
  • creating a charter and 
  • getting approved to launch.
  • Create an ERG Launch Plan
  • Develop an ERG Leadership Model
  • Learn how to set up a successful meeting routine
  • Learn proven methods to help organize ERGs for success

Equip ERG leaders to successfully engage Executive Sponsors to:

  • Actively participate
  • Amplify the ERG/Network
  • Provide financial support
  • Coach and develop
  • Remove roadblocks
  • Have ERG leaders backs

We all know that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Learn how to ask people to join in making the ERG a success and up your chances of getting a YES. 

Funding can be a scary and uncomfortable topic especially for volunteer leaders. Show Me the Money equips ERG leader to create a business case to present and secure dollars for their ERG. 

Learn what bull-riding and communications have in common and get equipped with tools and templates to make volunteer communicators look like professionals.

Everything! Learn how to deliver powerful programming that will fill the seat to create engagement and impact!

If you don’t measure, then how do you know what’s working and what’s not? If you don’t measure, how do you show the value the ERG brings to the members, the company, and the community you serve? What’s measured gets attention and funding. 

The good news is that reporting for your ERG can be easy and offers the opportunity to be creative. Better news, we will teach you how to create reports that will showcase your ERG’s success.

Learn how to use the the Inclusive Space Multi-Year Planning Process to create engagement and momentum for long and short term impacts.

Companies know the importance of talent planning – many times, roles and whole HR departments are focused on it. Why shouldn’t an ERG have a similar focus? 

Let Aimee show you how talent planning for ERGs can decrease leader burn-out by creating steady planned leadership transitions and focus on maintaining diverse perspectives and ideas.

Leaders lead with confidence.  Learn how you can choose confidence and elevate your leadership and your ERG. 

Video Conferencing

ERG Leader Training is available either in person or via video conferencing through a variety of different platforms.

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Professional Development

Our ERG Leader Training focuses on helping ERG leaders become better leaders, teammates, and humans.


We will give you the tools and advice you need to put your learning into action so you can succeed.

Grow and Thrive Through Education.

The more you know, the more you are empowered to be better and do better. Let us help empower your leaders to take your ERG to the next level. 

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