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Inclusive Space is about just what it sounds like, and one of the most impactful ways to create inclusive space at work, is through Employee Resource Groups. Whether you are just starting an ERG, trying to take an existing oneto the next level, new to leadership or been at it for awhile we are here to help. We know that helping you is helping us and together we can make the world better one inclusive space at a time. 

Aimee Broadhurst


  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) expert, 
  • Highly sought-after speaker, presenter and panelist 
  • Certified Co-Active Coach – Coaches Training Institute
  • Vice Chair – ERG Leadership Alliance
  •  Certified Confidence Coach – American Confidence Institute
  • 7+ years ERG leadership experience including national ERG at Fortune 50 company

Alyssa Dver


Jeff White

Project Manager



Annaliese Parker

Content Researcher

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